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Taikoo Place | Taikoo Social App Download Campaign (Autumn 2018)

Taikoo Place | Taikoo Social App Download Campaign (Autumn 2018)

17 Jan 2019

The challenge

Taikoo Place wanted to maximise valid registrations on its new companion app which highlights all the events and offers available in Taikoo Place. However, app downloads are becoming difficult for brands to achieve at a cost-effective rate as consumers are frequently inundated with flashy advertisements and celebrity endorsements on social media.

The solution

Instead of presenting a creative solution that was framed around attention-grabbing ideas, a sophisticated and tactically-driven approach was harnessed to highlight all the exclusives, promotions, news and freebies that consumers can redeem right away. The content would feature the Taikoo Social logo and thematic branding elements to help drive brand recall and heighten top of mind awareness of the app.

The execution

Creative ad optimisation was deployed on Facebook and Instagram to effectively target different consumer segments with link ad deals that were custom selected from the app to match their lifestyle interests i.e. free coffee offer for coffeeholics, movie ticket offer for office workers nearby.

Coffeeholics, Taikoo office workers, foodies, the general public, and young adults (aged 25-34) were individually targeted and monitored daily to optimise budget allocation in favour of the most effective ad groups in terms of app downloads driven.

The results

The app downloads goal was successfully reached one month ahead of schedule with a record low cost per download.

The campaign proved that creative ideas don’t necessarily work well for tactical campaigns and became the blueprint for showcasing how tactical offer-driven campaigns can be cost-effective and engaging when creative ad tactics are used.