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ArtisTree | ‘Moving Pieces’ Ticket Sales Buzz Campaign (August 2019)

ArtisTree | ‘Moving Pieces’ Ticket Sales Buzz Campaign (August 2019)

31 Oct 2019

The challenge

ArtisTree wanted to launch a holistic campaign to generate local online buzz for the upcoming ‘Moving Pieces’ programme. The campaign would need to build awareness before and throughout the event period while also driving mass conversions on the Ticketflap website.

The content would also need to reach a wide audience by highlighting events that would target the desired interests of target groups i.e. workshops for kids, dance classes, and open rehearsal viewings.

The solution

Direct and explicit copywriting was combined with precise optimisation tactics to drive the success of this tactical campaign. The event feeds were developed using a variety of media formats including photo, carousel, and video; this ensured the content would be engaging to users with specific social media consumption patterns.

The execution

80% of the ad budget was allocated to driving conversions and the remaining 20% was shifted to generating awareness, this was done to maximise KPI deliverables in the most efficient manner.

Broad copy (introducing the overall event) and specific copy (detailing a specific event) were applied to users via a dynamic ad retargeting approach; these ads were further segmented into English and Chinese copy to target users in their native language.

The results

The total conversions doubled initial expectations; in addition, tickets to the events were typically sold out two weeks prior to the start date thanks to effective content segmentation, interest-based funnelling, and retargeting ad tactics.