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ERROR stars in Toyota Hong Kong's SIENTA GO campaign

ERROR stars in Toyota Hong Kong's SIENTA GO campaign

11 Feb 2021

Telling the details and features of a car is a common strategy for automotive manufacturers. In the latest roll-out of five-seater SIENTA GO, Toyota Hong Kong has collaborated with Hong Kong boy band ERROR to explain the features of the new vehicle in a fun way.

The campaign includes four episodes. In the first one, Leung yip (Fat boy) and Denis Kwok (193) tell the first two features of the car, including the functional hooks and flexible bars, and how the little details in everyday life can make fun happen, echoing with the tagline of the campaign (小細節 加滿Fun).

Japanese Easter eggs can also be found throughout the video series to reinforce the five multi-purpose features of the Toyota SIENTA GO and a playful pun. In Japanese, "go" means five.

"SIENTA GO is the perfect everyday car that enables fun and joyful moments with your beloved family and friends when travelling. We’re happy to have ERROR on board to star in a fun and memorable story that showcases the effectiveness of our user-friendly features that can bring positivity to the lives of our customers," said Adley Low, marketing director for Greater China and Singapore at ‎Inchcape Hong Kong.

Three more videos will be released to showcase the luggage board, water-proof tray, and spacious trunk throughout February and March on Toyota’s Facebook page and Instagram account, demonstrating more mix-and-match tips that will help customers get familiar with its playful storage features.

“We’re delighted to collaborate with Toyota Hong Kong to highlight five tips that will help users get familiar with the new car, and learn to make every day a fun experience by discovering new ways to unlock fun moments in life during this challenging time. We hope this good luck story can inspire everyone to find fortune by paying closer attention to the little details in life,” commented Daniel Wu, general manager of Meology.

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Client: Crown Motors (Inchcape Hong Kong)

Agency: Meology

General manager: Daniel Wu

Creative director: Fred Lee

Associate creative director: Sunny Lam

Senior creative copywriter: Eddie Chen

Copywriter: Owen Lam

Senior art director: Jovy Suen

Junior designer: Christabel Choi

Account director: Henry Pai

Senior account manager: Crystal Chan

Social media specialist: Sze Cheung