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Tea Château debuts tea capsules in Hong Kong

Tea Château debuts tea capsules in Hong Kong

16 Feb 2021

While coffee capsules are common in many offices and residences, our beverage options are expanding. And what better time than after the festive season to give ourselves a fresh start? Hong Kong-based teamaker Tea Château has recently launched two stores in the city, hoping to offer a new perspective on the tea brewing process.

Tea Château aims to challenge everyone’s existing interpretation of tea and change the perception of how, when, and where tea can be consumed by making the brewing process as effortless and instant as coffee capsules.

Customers can enjoy the tea products by just pressing a button on Tea Château’s tea capsule machines, while leading coffee capsule machines are compatible with Tea Château's products too. Currently, ten Chinese and functional tea capsule flavours have been introduced, with each capsule bringing the wisdom of traditional Chinese and Western medicinal practitioners into a single tea serving.

“With people in Hong Kong living bustling lives where every minute counts, there’s no time to brew quality tea and savour a quiet moment to recharge, which is why we aim to restore balance and wellbeing to the daily hustle with our quick and convenient tea offerings," said Ryan Tse, director of Tea Château.

"Backed by our healthcare professionals and R&D team, each traditional and functional tea capsule flavour also provides additional medicinal health benefits to reinvigorate the lives of busy people both organically and therapeutically," he added.

Tea Château operates two stores in Hong Kong. Located at IFC Mall, the flagship store offers tea aficionados a demonstration of tea brewing process with utmost sophistication. The counter, located at LCX, Harbour City, also provide customers with the same experience.

“We’re proud to work with Tea Château to build a compelling story from the ground up," commented Daniel Wu, general manager of Meology.

"It gets to the heart of what the brand is all about, authentic tea that reshapes the consumer mindset on tea, and how it can be brewed instantly without compromising on taste. We look forward to seeing how this story will grow and develop as we head into an exciting new year,” Wu added.


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